Ceremony & Ritual

As OneSpirit Interfaith Ministers, offering ceremony and ritual to mark life's thresholds is a beautiful and joyous part of our offering to the world. Although we use the titles 'Minister' and 'Reverend' and have been ordained within the OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation, we’re a very different kind of Minister from traditional Religious Ministers.  We minister wherever we’re asked to go, in a way that’s fitting for the people we’re supporting.  We’re devoted to serving people of all faiths and no faith and work alongside your own personal needs, beliefs and spirituality, whatever they may be.



The safe arrival earth-side of a precious new human is one of life's greatest gifts.  Creating a bespoke ceremony that reflects your beliefs and values whilst affirming your wishes or prayers for your new child is a beautiful way to pause and honour the significant change that a new child brings to a family. An Interfaith Baby Blessing invites you and your family to reflect and affirm what's important to you whilst honouring & welcoming the newest addition to your family. 


It is a joyous privilege to accompany a couple on the journey that leads to their marriage ceremony. Every relationship is unique and a bespoke, sacred ceremony that reflects your deepest intentions and beliefs creates a fitting foundation for the unfolding chapters of your life and your love.  We also particularly active within the LGBTQI+ space and pride ourselves on being of service to love in all its forms. 

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Copyright @ Sacred Stones Ltd 2017

Copyright @ Sacred Stones Ltd 2017


Losing a loved one is devastating. It's a time of shock, bewilderment, disbelief and in the case of protracted illness, sometimes a blessed relief. No matter what the circumstances, it is a time of profound change - a time to reflect, give thanks and say goodbye to the physical form we have known and loved. Our services put your beliefs, values and language at the heart of the ceremony to ensure your loved one is celebrated and remembered in your own unique way. 


We offer an enormous variety of ceremony and ritual including Rites of Passage, Blessingways, adoption blessings, house warmings, divorce/separation rituals, inter-devotional Interfaith ceremonies, retirement blessing, pet funerals, you name it - if you want to celebrate Life in any way, shape or form - we can help.