Celebrating 21 years in 2018, the OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation is a UK educational charity offering training to open-hearted adults, exploring interfaith ministry, spiritual counselling, sacred activism, ritual & the world's many faith paths.  We join in the awakening of an inclusive global spirituality, in ourselves and in the world, through educating and enabling adults to serve people of all faiths and none in our diverse communities. 

More than 800 individuals have completed our training and our graduates express their ministries in a wide variety of ways.  A great many of our graduates are involved in conducting weddings, funerals and blessing ceremonies as OneSpirit Interfaith Ministers or celebrants. Some have started their own centres, worship communities and spiritual education programmes. Others tend more towards offering spiritual counselling - privately, or in hospitals, hospices, prisons, colleges and schools. 

Some have taken their calling - whether expressed in explicitly 'spiritual' terms or not - into business training, into corporate multi-nationals, into peace-making projects, and into the whole passage of family and community life, including parenting. Many have brought increased inspiration to their work as artists, writers and musicians. 

And for some, the results of the training has simple been a more authentic expression of who they are, and a deeper sharing of their spirituality with others in their every day lives.