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Rev. Alison Whittall

I am an ordained OneSpirit minister based in the south west of England.

Spiritual awakening. Sages and saints across the ages who have woken up to the truth of who we really are. They are my inspiration. Their pointings, wisdom and insight lie at the heart of every spiritual tradition. I LOVE peace, universal truth, unity and transformation in the heart of being. True Self realisation.

I pray that however I can serve in truth and love, in harmony with grace for the greater good, may this be so.

In SPIRITUAL COUNSELLING sessions I am with you in discovering the peace and freedom of your True Self and being a presence of love with you on this miraculous journey with all its pain, grief, joy and transformation. We are in this together. This work is an honour and privilege.

I also lead HEARTSONG harmony a-cappella singing sessions, within a candlelit reflective space. Deeply nourishing songs of peace, freedom, love and joy. Prayerful and uplifting. I am a member of the Natural Voice Network. I am happy to travel to do this work.

I teach my own original heartsongs at the Unicorn Voice Camp in the UK and in Germany.

I am also a trained teacher (B Ed Hons Art) with Church Colleges Cert in Religious Studies. I have worked in schools building peer mediation and conflict resolution.

I have been creating CEREMONY and rites of passage for many years and weave song, readings and prayer into this work.

It is also possible to bring a warm hearted CHOIR to enhance events. I lead singing workshops at the North Devon Hospice and accompany 'Floating Bye' and 'Light up a Life' ceremonies for the Hospice with singing.

SERVING: Southwest England, Southern England
AVAILABLE FOR: Ceremony / Ritual, Counselling / Accompaniment, Heartsong - Harmony songs of love, peace, freedom and joy
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ROSIM member since: 2018


Spiritual Counselling
'Joyous, welcoming, enthusiastic, gracious, encouraging, acknowledgement of the preciousness of time together in presence of Spirit and a willingness / openness to explore with a heart filled with love and grace. Deep listening, reflective empathy and an ability to relate what was and was not said.'

'It’s been a beautiful experience which has been of tremendous benefit to me and has helped me to reconnect with my true self, refresh precious memories from my youth and more recent times that have a crucial bearing on my present life experience'

'I’ve been able, with this therapeutic holding and containment to use and compare past experiences of mine with present ones to clarify and relax into present challenges. This is a revelation and gives me confidence in myself that I may already have the answers within.’ '