Ian Bonner-Evans

I grew up in Wales and moved to Scotland in 1975 to study Theology at the University of Edinburgh, and I have lived in Scotland ever since. Following graduation and a year of teacher training, I spent the next twenty years working as a teacher of religious and moral education in the secondary school sector and latterly as a lecturer in religious and moral education in a higher education institution. I then became a pastor of a small, inclusive Christian congregation for five years whilst also working part-time as a trainer in the local NHS.

I gained my first counselling qualification in 2001 and completed a postgraduate diploma in counselling in 2005. I initially practised as a counsellor in the voluntary sector before moving into private practice for ten years where I worked as a counsellor, supervisor, trainer and spiritual companion. I have a recognised qualification in counselling supervision and have completed various courses in spiritual accompaniment. I spent two years recently as a team member in a small retreat house where I helped lead many retreats and workshops alongside one-to-one work. I was ordained as a OneSpirit interfaith minister in 2016 and I am an accredited OneSpirit supervisor.

As an educator, I am interested in helping others in their search for meaning, value and purpose in life through exploring the wisdom and practices of various world religions and philosophies. As a therapist and minister, I am motivated by the desire to help others on their unique journey through life; offering individuals the necessary time and space to address any issues and wounds they bring, and to help them find healing, awakening and fulfilment. As a supervisor, I see my main role as supporting colleagues to be safe, compassionate, effective and reflective ministers in the service of others. I am nourished and inspired by many progressive and mystical teachers within various religious and spiritual traditions.

My own spiritual practice tends to focus on stillness and silence, meditation and contemplation, sometimes indoors but often outside in nature. I perceive and experience the Divine as the living, energetic Flow of Life, Light and Love, and currently see my life’s purpose as one which tries to allow this Flow to operate through me whilst also addressing those many times when I consciously block that Flow. Rumi speaks powerfully to me when he says, “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

My ministry includes soul work (counselling, spiritual counselling and companionship); providing soul space (personal retreats and quiet times) and offering soul support (supervision). I am available for home or workplace visits (if appropriate) throughout various parts of the Scottish Highlands and Morayshire. I also work throughout the UK, Ireland and beyond using Skype/phone.

SERVING: Northern Scotland, Central & Southern Scotland, Northern Ireland, Leinster - Republic of Ireland, Connaught - Republic of Ireland, Munster - Republic of Ireland, Northeast England, Northwest England, East Midlands, West Midlands, Eastern England, Southern England, Southwest England, Greater London, Southeast England, North Wales, Mid & West Wales, South Wales
AVAILABLE FOR: Counselling / Accompaniment, Accredited OneSpirit Supervisor, Supervision, Personal retreats/quiet days.
ROSIM member since: 2016