Carolyn Stewart

As an Interfaith Minister I am not bound be any creed, and therefore free to create peronalised ceremonies which suit an individual's own spiritual belief and faith, using words which feel comfortable for that person. Every ceremony is unique and is created lovingly for each special occasion to suit an individual's requirements. I can offer ceremonies to those who do not feel an affiliation with an established religion, but who, perhaps, do feel a sense of spirituality in their own personal way. From the structure of a ceremony to the exact wording, it aims to resonate with you. All ceremonies can take place in your choice of location. The main emphasis of my personal spirituality is an inner peace and stillness. For more information please contact me or visit my website at www.ceremoniesfromtheheart.co.uk

Location: Dunoon
Available for: Funerals / Baby blessings and namings / Weddings / Other rites of passage / Spiritual counselling / Spiritual support in times of crisis
More info: www.ceremoniesfromtheheart.co.uk
Email: hopecottage4@yahoo.co.uk
Phone: 01369810333
Skype: carolyn.g.stewart
Year of ordination: 2010