OneSpirit Ministers in connection: an invitation from Anne Cross

There has been a lot of energy and conversation about a need for OneSpirit Ministers to take responsibility themselves for gathering as a ‘body’, for promoting their work, for identifying ministers who may speak on our behalf on forums and campaigns and to identify the structures we need for ongoing connection & support.

My suggestion for moving this forward is to start a regular 'conversation' with the aims of:

· getting to know each other

· begin to identify ministers who are interested in different areas of ministry

· to work towards a time when individual ministers have a mandate from the whole to speak on our behalf on various forums and campaigns.

I am offering to move these conversations forward: I've set up a Zoom account and suggest a first call on Monday 19th November 6pm - 8 pm with alternative time on Monday 26th November 10am -12pm.
…we can then gauge what time of the day works for the most people.

First hour ~ a sharing from each Minister
Second hour ~ special interest break out rooms (Zoom is so clever!).

Whether we have 3 or 300 on the call I'm committed to carrying on for the next 6 months to see what energy builds up. I will 'hold' the first couple of calls but hope that others will take on this role as we go forward.

If anyone would like to be on a holding group now, please do email me.

I'll post the zoom link for the call nearer the time on the OneSpirit Minister Community Facebook group. If you don’t use Facebook and would like to join the call, please drop me an email and I will mail you a link. / 07720841826

Do put the dates in your diary if even a smidgen interested

Let's give this a go!