Trudi Farmer

Funeral and Life Ceremonies

Planning a life celebration or funeral comes at a time when we often feel least able to think clearly and a little guidance can feel very welcome. As a fully-trained celebrant I am able to spend time supporting and helping you find the words, music and rituals that feel right for you. These might include prayers and hymns but may not. I am also able to help you bring memories and stories together into a personal tribute and support and advise any family members and friends hoping to contribute in some way on the day itself. I can then weave together all you have chosen into a ceremony that gently honours a life lived, says a gentle goodbye and brings comfort to those attending. Wedding Blessings For couples who decide against a church wedding a civil ceremony is legally required but what many people aren't aware of is the possibility of creating a beautiful blessing ceremony to compliment the shorter and more secular civil process. This can give a sense of completion and allows you to express your intentions and dreams for marriage in your own carefully chosen way. It can also allow for the involvment and joyful participation of family and friends! Baby and Child Namings and BlessingsThese delightful occassions can take place wherever you choose. You might want to picnic under a favourite tree or gather in your village hall or you may prefer to celebrate at home in the garden. Ceremonies can include a walk or a treausre hunt, prayers and singing, words offered by God parents, Spiritual Guardians or Grandparents, candle-lighting, bubble blowing and present giving. Traditional or more individual, the only limit is your imagination. Whatever form your celebration takes it can be as unique, delightful and extraordinary as the child it is created for and can be just as joyful and meaningful when planned for an older child. Please do feel free to get in touch if you would like to know a little more or would like help with a ceremony that you are planning.

Location: Honiton
Available for: Funerals / Baby blessings and namings / Weddings / Other rites of passage / Spiritual support in times of crisis
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Phone: 01404 861421
Year of ordination: 2005