Rev. Sue Bayley

I am an OneSpirit Minister, Intentional Creativity Artist, Embodied Relational Therapist, Somatic Teacher (nia and Chakradance), and a Life Purpose Guide. I offer Red Thread Circles, Ceremony and Ritual, and specialise in “being alongside the other; without a need to fix or change; yet to witness you:; we can sit in silence; walk in nature; write; paint, dance, or participate in sacred sacraments for life events of celebration; commiseration, or when you need a Soula Doula or a Soul Sukkat. I can be found blogging, connecting in small Facebook circles, writing, painting, and as an activist for autists; and sensitive souls by Siouxisms, Sioux Sayings, and Sioux Speeches.

SERVING: Northwest England, West Midlands, North Wales, Mid & West Wales, Willing to be of service globally by arrangement.
AVAILABLE FOR: Ceremony / Ritual, Counselling / Accompaniment, Coaching, Activist for autist and sensitive souls, Sioux Speeches and Author regarding Self-Awareness, Self Belief and Self Mastery
MORE INFO: Myinnertribe.me
ROSIM member since: 2006


“Sue and I spent a week-end together painting from the heart, from soul, at her home in the U.K. I was under the tutelage of Sue who is now a qualified as an Intentional Creativity Artist and a member of their Guild. Working with Sue is always a profound experience, joyful and insightful. The mind had a weekend off and I got to play and listen to my authentic self. Sue holds space like a loyal guardian, allowing the imagination to engage with the senses in a powerful but very gentle way. I was able to reach and explore the depths of my true authentic self which, as a closing to the sacred space, Sue helped me to integrate into my consciousness. I feel more complete and I have my beautiful painting to bring me back to and evoke the magic, the beauty of my inner life and voice. Eternal gratitude to Sue. I look forward to many more creative days with you.”
- Phoebe Olu