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Rev. Stuart Harris

I offer a range of healing practices that help to facilitate and build to a more trusting and authentic identity with yourself. The range of approaches offered may start wherever feels most appropriate for you. It is a process that unfolds naturally to your individual needs. You may wish to stay with the same practice or move onto a variety of the others being offered, whatever feels right to you. The practices available are – Spiritual Accompaniment Counselling, Meditation, Reiki, Holistic massage.

Soul Therapy is a very personal process. It is the experience of opening yourself to an awareness of your Being. Finding, touching your true essence is a journey. An unfolding process that may be experienced in a number of very different but equally valid ways. At the heart of the material world lies a reality, a mystery so deep, that the human brain is blinded by its light, leaving us with nothing to say. Our sense of ‘I am’ is the doorway to this mystery. This awareness is open to us all, at this very moment. But our memories, the stories of our lives, our minds and egos smother this very experience of who we are.

Spiritual accompaniment is the offering of an open, trusting and respectful relationship, where you may begin to see through the false picture you have learnt of yourself. The aim of spiritual accompaniment is to foster awakening. To offer you an ongoing process of realising your authentic identity and being. I offer a space for you to feel safe and express yourself fully. Offering an environment in which you can begin to get in touch with your own self-understanding and wisdom. Spirit is both in and around us. It is a process of living it, being it in our everyday lives. It is an opportunity for you to talk about issues of spirit, faith, source, the divine, or any personal struggle with past or on-going religious/spiritual experience or understanding.

MA Dip. Ad Dip. Dip. Dip (Supervision) MBACP (Acc) UKAHPP
Sometimes we need to deal with the struggle in the temporal world to be able to reach/transcend the spiritual aspect of ourselves. Counselling is a way of gaining a more open, honest and authentic understanding of yourself. It is an opportunity for you to explore and reflect upon any aspect of your life experience that is difficult or causing you concern, both past and present. Helping you to work through issues, move forward when feeling ‘stuck’ and developing a greater understanding and awareness of self. It is the offering of an open, trusting and respectful relationship, where you may begin to see through the false picture you have learnt of yourself. It is within the attitude of non-directive faith that positive change may realise itself. It is the reclaiming, the reconnecting to your authentic self, that authentic identity that became protected and hidden.

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SERVING: Southern England, West Midlands, South Wales
AVAILABLE FOR: Counselling / Accompaniment, Supervision, Soul therapy
ROSIM member since: 2019


“A huge thank you for all your help over the past year. You have been amazing in helping me find my authentic self.”


“You are truly brilliant at what you do. The hours spent with you has been the best investment I have made for myself. Authentic me is now looking forward to what lies ahead. Thank you.”


“Stuart was the first counsellor I have ever been to (and I have seen quite a few) who has an appreciation of the spiritual side of human development. I was able to talk about emotional, mental and spiritual things and get his help in being able to integrate all three. Thank you.”


“Stuart has helped me understand and heal myself where other counsellors and techniques have left me unable to move forward. He is very talented and professional. Thank you for supporting me through this tough period of my life.”