Shianna Ravenlaw

Hello.  Much in life inspires me, including Nature, kindness, generosity, courage, a smile, dance, song, poetry and swimming in the wild with dolphins and whales… The ultimate inspiration is witnessing the threads of Infinite Light waves which weave us all together.  And I am truly heartened by how the quantum science of our day is now acknowledging the Truth of this interconnectedness.  By so doing, the Truth within the ancient Wisdom teachings is being more widely realised.  This recognition has powerful unifying potential.

An early childhood in South America inspired my sense of the sacred as I witnessed the undisguised joy and vibrancy of the ceremonies and fiestas.  I loved how Indigenous and Christian practices interwove and how everyone was welcome.  And this inclusivity is at the heart of my path.  I love to co-create meaningful ceremony/ritual for all of life’s rites of passage and adventures!  Ceremony that is radiant, supportive, playful and relevant… reflecting your heart language and your values. 

I also love to guide, counsel and accompany individuals, couples, families and groups of people through life’s joys and challenges.  I offer a safe space for whatever arises for healing including: grief, relationship issues, abuse and lack of self-confidence. As a natural facilitator, I have run numerous transformational workshops, ancestral healings, seasonal gatherings and Mystic Heart circles.  I am a former One Spirit faculty member and actively practice as an accredited Supervisor.

I am nourished by the mystic heart teachings of all genuine traditions, including First Nation, Buddhist, Sufi and Gnostic.  My daily practice is guided by these teachings along with Yoga, Tai Chi, Energy Medicine and meditation. They all help me to be Present and to breathe in rhythm with the natural cycles of life.  And when fear arises they support me to return to equanimity.

As I see it, I am here to fully incarnate and to have fun doing so!  And when called upon, I am here to support/accompany others who wish to do the same.  We are all part of the infinite web of Life, of Light… and as the West African greeting reminds us: “I am here to be seen… and I see you”.
Go well,  Shianna.

SERVING: Northern Scotland, Central & Southern Scotland, Northern Ireland, Leinster - Republic of Ireland, Connaught - Republic of Ireland, Munster - Republic of Ireland, Northeast England, Northwest England, East Midlands, West Midlands, Eastern England, Southern England, Southwest England, Greater London, Southeast England, North Wales, Mid & West Wales, South Wales - I am also willing to serve countries outside the UK and Ireland if I am called.
AVAILABLE FOR: Ceremony/Ritual, Counselling/Accompaniment, Supervision, Meditation, Breathing practices, Energy Balancing practices, Ancestral healing, Other life regression, Metamorphic Technique, Indian Head Massage
PHONE: 01323 460628


"Our Wedding Blessing inspired the spirit and imagination of all present. The energy was tangible and everyone from 6 to 60 and from atheist to healer enjoyed the day"
- D and E


"Thank you for helping me to open up to my pain, for staying with that pain until it dissolved. Thank you for helping me get on track again and for showing me practical tools that really help me to enjoy being human again."
- LS