Rev. Shianna Ravenlaw

I am inspired by Nature, by dancing, by singing, by poetry, and by the energy of Light that weaves us all together. I love to co-create and facilitate meaningful ceremony for all aspects of life's adventures! The Universe loves genuine ritual and I enjoy the process of co-creating scared space and conducting radiant, supportive, playful and sensitive rites of passage and gatherings.. Joining with people of all faiths and of none, in spiritual companionship, is a great joy.I am inspired and nourished by the mystic heart of all genuine faiths including the First Nation, Buddhist, Sufi and Gnostic paths. And I am so hearted by how the quantum science of our day is now realising the Truth within the ancient wisdom teachings that have been illuminating us for thousands of years! Living in harmony with the Universal Energy of Life supports me in my intention to walk a path of beauty and joy. This helps me to be Present and to breathe in rhythm with the Seasons and the natural cycles. Being in healthy relationship with the Joy of my True Nature and with all beings is at the Heart of my life and my practice.

Serving: Northern Scotland, Central & Southern Scotland, Northern Ireland, Leinster - Republic of Ireland, Connaught - Republic of Ireland, Munster - Republic of Ireland, Northeast England, Northwest England, East Midlands, West Midlands, Eastern England, Southern England, Southwest England, Greater London, Southeast England, North Wales, Mid & West Wales, South Wales
Available for: Ceremony / Ritual, Counselling / Accompaniment, Supervision, Energy balancing practices & techniques, Metamorphic Technique, Indian Head Massage and Healing
Phone: 01323 460628
Year of ordination: 2003
RIMA/ROSIM member since: 2003

More about Shianna: 
I am here with the intention to have fun fully incarnating and to let go of attachments to karmic patterns and to subconscious programming. And I am here to support others, who wish to, to do the same.I intuitively access and utilise a wide range of tools within my daily living and within my practice with others, including: meditation, deep listening, energy medicine, tai chi, chi kung, conscious breathing, mindfulness. chanting, Ancestral Healing/constellation work, other life regression, Metamorphic Technique, Emotional Freedom Technique with Matrix Reimprinting and Indian Head massage.We are all part of the infinite web of Life, of Light and as the West African greeting reminds us: \"I am here to be seen\" and \"I see you\" for who you truly are. This is my intention. So may it be.           


"Our Wedding Blessing inspired the spirit and imagination of all present. The energy was tangible and everyone from 6 to 60 and from atheist to healer enjoyed the day"
D and E

"Thank you for helping me to open up to my pain, for staying with that pain until it dissolved. Thank you for helping me get on track again and for showing me practical tools that really help me to enjoy being human again."