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Rev. Sarah Alice Varney

I am an ordained Minister based in Northern Scotland. I specialise in creating bespoke ceremonies to celebrate all of life's big events. You may not be aware that your wedding, vow renewal or handfasting can be designed specifically for you. I am very flexible and open minded. I am keen to write ceremonies that echo the personality and spiritual choices of those that the ceremony is for. Great thought is put into making the ceremony authentically personal and meaningful. Each ceremony is uniquely and carefully crafted so that it is tailored to suit your taste and personality. I will give you advice and gently guide you through the many choices. I will suggest readings to help inspire you, you might choose one or two to be included in the ceremony. I will include any tradition, religion, theme or tone you would like.

Serving: Northern Scotland, Central & Southern Scotland.

Available for: Ceremony / Ritual, Counselling / Accompaniment Email:

Phone: 01343 860215
Year of ordination: 2010
RIMA/ROSIM member since: 2010


More about Sarah:
I really enjoy helping people celebrate the exquisite union of their love as they choose to commit to one another. This is a chance to share your very own love story with a ceremony created to celebrate your unique relationship. There are additional rituals that are often included in the ceremony. Ring blessing and Hand blessing are a lovely part of most wedding ceremonies.

Handfasting is very popular here in Scotland. Handfasting gets its name from the ritual tying of the Bride and Groom's hands, or rather wrists, together in binding contract. It is a step further on from the handshake that often binds a deal. It was the original form of marriage before the church existed. Handfasting is the origin of the term used when people get married, 'tying the knot'. 

I have the great pleasure of writing every ceremony individually which means your bespoke ceremony will be a perfect expression and celebration of your love. I have done Pagan, Christian, Taoist ceremonies and I can add details for any faith or spirituality or include no belief system and focus instead (or as well!) on a tone such as traditional or amusing. I have also done weddings with themes such as The Tree of Life, Dr Who, Lord of the Rings, Outlander, Highlander and the Twilight films! The ceremony is yours to create, with my help, you can make it exactly as you wish! A true celebration of you as a couple.

When you take each other's hands and make your vows you can look joyfully into your loved one's eyes as you hear the words they have personally chosen to pledge their love. I look forward to writing you an extraordinary ceremony!

As well as the joyful unity ceremonies of marriage and Handfasting, I also do Baby welcoming ceremonies, coming of age ceremonies, and any other ceremony you might require.
I also have the honour of creating Celebration of Life ceremonies for the end of life, for funerals and memorials. I can even help with funeral wishes to plan what you would want included when the time comes.
My faith is nature based as I am a hedge witch. Nature is my church. If you would like a circle created or the elements called to support your ceremony I am here to help make the moment of your ceremony truly magical and memorable.


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I wanted to tell you thank you for such an incredible wedding ceremony. The guests who were there had such an amazing time and told us that it was one of the most (I believe they said most) special, magical, meaningful weddings they had ever seen. They loved the call to the elements, and I don't think I ever got to tell you: I most definitely heard a distant rumbling in the air when we called for the air element. It was so cool. Really, they were gushing about how neat it all was and how well done the ceremony was. You did such an excellent job.
- Katherine

Thank you so, so much for such an amazing wedding ceremony and handfasting. We were overjoyed with them and we had a lot of people commented on how unique and fun it was! We will certainly recommend you and your services to anyone thinking of getting married, as what you put together for us really did echo how we felt, who we were and how we wanted to celebrate our wedding day. We really can’t thank you enough for the major part you played on the day and on the meet up we had to discuss the planning of the ceremonies. You were so laid back and relaxed which was exactly what was needed in the run up to the big day and it certainly helped us to set our minds at ease.
- Jeanne

Sarah was absolutely the right choice for our handfasting/wedding. She was very flexible, so we could balance our pagan leanings with our concern for the comfort of our more traditional friends and family. She was able to create a ceremony that truly reflected who we are, and give us the day we had dreamed of. I can't recommend her enough! Thanks so much, Sarah, we will always treasure this day, and you are a big part of it.
- Donna

Thank you for the most awesome ceremony ever. You got Alan and I captured perfectly, we're delighted you were able to give everyone a wee insight into what our life together with the kids is like. We just wanted everyone to feel the love n laughter we share.
- Emma: