Sandra-Anne Evans

As a graduate of the One Spirit Foundation (2001) I offer a professional and confidential service. My aim is to build a partnership of trust with my clients, which encourages response and revelation and drives momentum to a solution. I am a person-centred therapist and I strongly believe in the healing power of listening, followed by constructive inquiry. Understanding and empathy are key, reaching behind the pain, or depression, or confusion, to find the truth that will trigger a turnaround. We do this together, client and counsellor, because the need for ownership is paramount. I do short and longer term counselling. I feel it is important to recognise the importance of the whole person, incorporating the awareness of body, mind and spirit. Each one of us has the potential to continue to evolve, change and develop throughout our lives. Everywhere in life, things and situations are moving, relationships are changing, disappointments are happening. A person can feel lost, misunderstood, out of place, with a sense of not belonging anywhere. In fact without seeking the spiritual underpinnings anchored in awareness, it can feel like one doesn't even belong to oneself. This nameless thing that it is possible to long for, involves hunger at the deepest level. It is a hunger for spiritual light and our individual spirituality.My Services and Ceremonies that I offer - Baby Blessings and Namings, Bereavement Counselling, Funerals, Group Facilitator for Bereavement and Supervision, Spiritual Counselling, Spiritual Support in times of Crisis and Change, Supervision (for individuals and groups) Telephone Counselling.My fees for one to one counselling are £40.00 per hour - I give the initial consultation (foc) to enable us to ascertain that we will be able to work together. I would be delighted to consider to arrange a meeting further afield to discuss a personalised ceremony; I feel that finding the right person to assist in making your occasion special and unique is of paramount importance. 

Location: Cirencester
Available for: Funerals / Baby blessings and namings / Worship services / Spiritual counselling / Spiritual support in times of crisis
Email: sandraanne2@btinternet.com
Phone: 01285 831665
Year of ordination: 2001