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Rev. Rowan Bombadil

In my capacity as an Interfaith Minister and Spiritual Counsellor, I take pleasure in crafting ceremonies as unique and diverse as my clients, and holding listening spaces that welcome every part of the one being listened to. The gift of ritual is the gift of time and space to pause, to become present, and to acknowledge – this is happening. Whatever “this” happens to be for you – a cause for celebration, a time of transition, a new or renewed commitment, a dark night of the soul – I am here to support you in getting present with the moments that define a life, and the moments that make life worth living. I specialise in commitment ceremonies such as weddings and handfastings, as well as rites of passage, transition, and transformation – and I am also occasionally available for other rituals for beginnings and endings upon request. As a genderqueer practitioner, I am particularly passionate about serving and celebrating the LGTBQ+ and alternative communities – but I welcome enquiries from clients of all faiths, backgrounds, genders, and orientations.

Serving: Southern England, Greater London, Southeast England
Available for: Ceremony / Ritual, Counselling / Accompaniment, Coaching



Year of ordination: 2017


“I experienced a strong and deep level of holding in the space with Rowan; their presence and attention was very apparent to me. I received a beautiful warm and authentic welcome, which felt like a safe invitation for me to bring vulnerable aspects of myself into the space – I experienced a level of trust in the relationship very early on, which is unusual for me. Rowan was very skillful in their use of a wide and well integrated range of skills – in particular I experienced their unconditional acceptance and appreciation of my being and my journey. Their ability to give me feedback that succinctly reflected an understanding of what I was expressing and working with was incredible – they could pick up on themes and mirror back my process in a way that went beyond summarising… it was more like crystallising. My sense is that Rowan listened not only deep but wide, and to multiple aspects of me, God/dess and all that was between us… expansive listening!”
– MB, Spiritual Counselling Client

“Our handfasting was so beautiful, powerful, and moving. I hadn’t expected our love to blossom even more, but it did through the care and dedication Rowan showed in bringing everyone together and personalising the experience to create a fantastic celebration – even in the freezing weather! Rowan brought authority, love, artistry, creativity, and a fantastic sense of joy and pixie dust to our celebration; asides from the day itself, they coached us to look beyond the magic of ritual, and to the very core of what it was we both wanted, to prepare for the year, as well as the day. And that has made a positive and lasting difference to our relationship.”
– D&O, London

“When I set out to organise my rite I had hoped that it would be a wonderful day, yet I had not imagined how powerful it could be. As I stood in the middle of that circle I felt more love than I have ever felt before. I felt held, seen and respected in ways that I did not know could be possible, and also so grateful for the many wonderful beings that I have in my life. I experienced a sense of belonging and appreciation that I will stay with me for many years to come. That will offer me strength in darker times and help me remember that however lonely I may feel, that I am never really alone.”
– JT, Rite of Passage for Gender Transition