Robert MacLachlan


I offer my help to people in difficulty. My experience – of myself, and with others – convinces me that human beings have an innate impulse to grow, to bring the fullest version of ourselves into being. If we’re caught in disappointment or fear, it means the growth impulse is active, bringing up for attention old patterns of thinking and behaving that no longer serve us well.

This is our opportunity to discover a strange truth. Our fears are doorways to liberation. Stepping through each one, we experience a clearer sense of our authentic self, of being more comfortable in our own skin. We find greater ease in relationships, increasing energy, more creativity, more fun, a sense of loving connectedness with the world, more gratitude to God or the universe for the gift of life.

But we all need, at the very least, the occasional reality check, and some support when the going gets tough. Spiritual counselling can cover any subject under the sun. It can involve one session, or a regular, continuing relationship. Early sessions need to be face-to-face, after which ‘meeting online’ is an option too.

What inspires me as an independent minister is the opportunity to walk alongside others. Every time I offer to help in this way, I see in each person a reflection of some part of myself. Whenever I witness the pain and joy of another’s journey, I experience our shared humanity. I am reminded that we all come from the same Source.


I can help you craft a wedding, funeral or other ceremony which is a true reflection of your personal values and inspirations. Because I believe that every human being is a unique expression of the One Spirit, my only desire is to support you in creating the ceremony that will be most meaningful for you, whether you are a person of faith – any faith – or not. I will then ‘hold’ the ceremony for you, so that you can give all your attention to taking part.

For a wedding, the preparation might involve helping you: to clarify what each partner wishes to share publicly about their feelings and hopes for the marriage; to draw up your vows; to identify readings and music; and to explore different ways the ceremony might unfold. This might include anything from profound silence and prayer, to singing and dancing in the aisles!

For a funeral, my aim is to work with you to create a ceremony that reflects the unique life and qualities of the deceased person. An important aspect is to provide comfort to the relatives and friends, enabling them to experience their grief while also celebrating the ways in which he or she enriched their lives. I will support you to be involved as much as you wish, and take the lead where you wish me to.

As well as weddings and funerals, I have been involved in creating and holding a naming ceremony for adopted children, and a thanksgiving ceremony. In principle, we can create a ceremony – literally a rite of passage – for any significant event in life that you wish to mark in a meaningful way in the company of family and friends.

Please feel welcome to call me on 07717 745686.

Location: Denmark
Available for: Ceremony/Ritual, Spiritual counselling
Phone: 07717 745686
Skype: robmacl
Year of ordination: 2006