Paul Elliston

I enjoy being with people and the fun to be had in connecting with others but I feel it is a special privilege to be invited to help others at times of great joy or sorrow or personal difficulty. My own experience leads me to believe that people have turned away from formal religion because it doesn’t come near to addressing their spiritual needs and aspirations. This is why I trained as an Interfaith Minister. I am particularly interested in, and draw from, the esoteric arms of many of the major faiths as I feel that this is where the essence of spiritual teachings are hidden. But it is the beauty of poetry, music, singing, relationships and the natural world that touch my heart. Below is an outline of what I offer.

I work with people (of any faith or none) to help them in the beautiful process of creating a ceremony full of personal meaning and symbolism for any important life-event - e.g. weddings, funerals, memorials, namings, blessings, rites of passage. During your ceremony I will lead and contribute in whatever way we agree but primarily ‘hold the space’ for you, assisting you and others to participate as appropriate and within the format you have decided upon.

I also offer spiritual or ‘soul-centred’ counselling. I see my role as accompanying people in their search for meaning in any aspect of their life; walking alongside them, supporting, encouraging and challenging them (and occasionally pulling their leg) as they explore the life or spiritual path they have chosen, or on which they now find themselves.
This search may arise from a serious health or psychological challenge, or from an uncomfortable sense of “Is this all?” through which we become aware of an underlying desire and willingness to really look at why our lives aren’t working. To look beyond the conditioned beliefs and behaviours we collect from early childhood and which influence our responses to life and relationships. My desire is to help people on their own path toward their own Truth. They may not find a ‘god’ but they will hopefully find something that they will recognise within them that I will call ‘Spirit’ for want of anything better. And acknowledging and allowing this part of themselves I think brings some peace. My strength in this work, if I have any, is the personal doubt and the difficulties I have faced in getting to this still-evolving place in my relationship with my own ‘God’. And there is room for lightness and humour on the way!

Formerly a doctor (retired prematurely on ill-health grounds) I have extensive health care experience. I offer spiritual support to people through serious illness at home or in hospital and for people and their family around the time of death. I also work as a volunteer in Bereavement Support at my local hospice. \"Why Be Spiritual?\" A Conversation with Paul Elliston, Interfaith Minister. http://www.thewholeguide.org/uploads/downloads/DECEMBER%202010%20Network... (Page 6)

Available for: Funerals / Baby blessings and namings / Weddings / Other rites of passage / Spiritual counselling / Spiritual support in times of crisis
Email: paul@paulelliston.plus.com
Phone: 01229 585026
Year of ordination: 2010