Rev. Josephine McCaffrey

My background has been very much in the Arts sector, as a Performer, Producer, Director and an Arts facilitator within the community. For the past five years I have ran a long standing comedy residency in the heart of the city center. Comedy is a very important part of my life, creating laughter and bringing people to a common ground that they can all relate to through the medium of comedy is something I relish in. This year I was ordained as a One Spirit Interfaith Minister which has been the most significant point of my life to date. My experience allows me to bring all the things together that I love, which is composition, welcoming and celebrating life and the unity of two people in love. My wish is to create a ceremony that fits around you and what you want. I believe all ceremonies are very personal, you say how you welcome a new life, how you express your love for someone and how you say goodbye. I will sit with you and go through all the options, ideas and you express what you want, and together we can make a special unique ceremony for you and your loved ones. The highest importance to me as a celebrant is that all beliefs and outlooks are respected. My ethos is that love knows no religion, no gender and no race and that love is far more powerful than any discrimination. If you would like to talk about your ceremony to see if I am that right fit for you, feel free to call me.

SERVING: Leinster - Republic of Ireland, Connaught - Republic of Ireland, Munster - Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Greater London, Southwest England
AVAILABLE FOR: Counselling / Accompaniment, Ceremony / Ritual
MORE INFO: https://www.facebook.com/celebrantdublin
ROSIM member since: 2019


“Every single one of our 100+ wedding guests commented on how fantastic our ceremony was, and how brilliant Josephine (the celebrant was). It was so personal, very moving, funny, and engaging – not one bit of boring ‘standard wedding procedure’, I’ve since had a huge number of messages from guests raving about how it was the nicest ceremony they were ever at. I would highly highly recommend the wonderful Rev Josephine to anyone who wants a memorable, beautiful wedding ceremony."
- Ellie Doyle