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Jo Rotas

I'm an ordained OneSpirit Minister, a fully accredited and experienced Psychotherapist/Supervisor, plus also a Methodist Local Preacher. I live and work in South Devon. My commitment is to doing what I can, where I can, in order to increase a sense of well-being in the world. My belief is that as long as I am doing my bit to 'walk the talk' in my own life, this heartfelt intention of wellness will spread out into the local community and beyond...I fully believe in the practice of 'being the change that you want to see in the world' (Mahatma Gandhi) I offer Spiritual Counselling & Supervision. I also specialise in crafting individual and bespoke ceremonies to match a significant timing, transition or life event, including weddings, baby blessings, funerals and scattering of ashes including those of a beloved pet. In support of your right to believe in whatever you find beautiful, meaningful and enlightening, I will do my best to assist you in making this manifest through the ceremony you would wish for.

Serving: Southwest England
Available for: Ceremony / Ritual, Counselling / Accompaniment, Supervision
Email: fieldfarevoice@gmail.com
Website: www.joannarotas.co.uk
Year of ordination: 2018