Are you looking to craft a ceremony that reflects your beliefs & values?
Or perhaps longing to explore your sense of spirituality or purpose?

A OneSpirit Interfaith Minister may be just what you're looking for.


We are ordained interfaith minsters & spiritual counsellors, embodying a vibrant and meaningful response to the changing spiritual needs of our times. Trained by the OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation, we are of service to people of all faiths and none.  What is consistent throughout is our shared devotion and commitment to celebrating life, supporting spiritual awakening and exploring life’s deeper meanings.

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ceremony & ritual

We are devoted to creating bespoke, creative ceremonies that speak your heart-language and reflect your values & beliefs. We offer a variety of ceremony and rituals including weddings, funerals, baby blessings and other precious & powerful threshold rituals.


counselling & ACCOMPANIMENT 

Our professional counsellors and supervisors offer a safe, tender place for deep inquiry & reflection - holding space of love, championing  wholeness and witnessing without judgment. Many of our counsellors offer sessions via Skype/Zoom and have clients all over the world.



We also offer an array of other services including chaplaincy, coaching, healing therapies, inspirational talks, business training and creative workshops across all sectors of the Arts. Browse our ministers to learn more about our diverse offerings.

Meet our Ministers

Whether it's crafting a sacred ceremony, exploring your spirituality or seeking professional supervision or coaching, we have a minister suitable to walk alongside you.

With more than 150 members spanning the heights and lengths of the UK, Ireland and Europe, we're here to help you find the perfect individual. 

You can contact us directly to let us know more about your request, or search for a minister using our our online map: