Emerald-Jane Turner

I have reached a stage in my life where I am weaving together the threads of my experience, both from my personal and professional life. This process has brought me to the OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation where the training is helping me illuminate the essence of my life work. I feel as if I am arriving back where I started but with a new lens. This process of deep connection and listening is at the heart of what I can now offer others. My experience is showing me that through this joint practice, whether it be in the form of Spiritual Counselling or designing a ceremony or ritual, the possibility of connection to something greater and potential for healing, opens up for us both. My deep, embodied, love of nature led me to be involved in ceremonial work with a group of women meeting regularly for the past 20 years and I am greatly influenced by those who tend to grief in ritual form, such as Sobonfu Some. I have in the past worked as a dance movement therapist, a Core Process and Hakomi psychotherapist and trainer and a trauma consultant. I currently work with individuals seeking counselling, along with facilitating ceremonies for all parts of life and with organisations such as the NHS where the challenge for me is to keep the heart and humanity in my work. I have a grown up son, two dogs and I keep bees. I look forward to sharing part of your journey.

Location: laughton
Available for: Funerals / Baby blessings and namings / Weddings / Other rites of passage / Spiritual support in times of crisis
Email: sunnysidebn8@icloud.com
Phone: 01323 811753
Year of ordination: 2016