Edie Campbell

Whether you already know exactly what you want or don't know where to start, it is my joy and honour to work with you to create a ceremony that reflects who you are and what you believe, whatever that may be. Creating and leading ceremony is work I love and feel hugely privileged to do. I offer a free initial consultation to see if we would work well together. Jack Lynch (2011) and I live and work together, and are available as joint celebrants for your ceremony should you wish. Please visit www.thecreatingspace.co.uk to learn more about us, what we each offer, how we work together, and to view testimonials from past clients.

Ceremonies: Weddings (including same-sex), Handfastings, Renewal of VowsCivil PartnershipsBaby Namings, Welcomings, BlessingsFunerals, Memorials, Thanksgiving services Rites of Passage House Warmings Divorce or Separation ceremonies Worship Services I am also involved in, and passionate about, other forms of personal development work and support, such as:

women's work (www.womeninpowerprogram.com),Red Tents (www.redtentdirectory.com) andShadow Work (www.shadowwork.com; www.shadowwork.eu).

'Why do ceremony?'Is it to feed the hunger of the human heart for meaning? To be conscious of choices? To call something in? To simply state what is?'Ceremony is about marking moments; being present with this time, this transition; a witness to what is, what was and what we hope will be.'Ultimately it is about connection: connection to a time of transition, a marker or milestone in our life. 'Maybe connection to our grief, our growth, or our gratitude, love, loss, leaving, learning; to our intention, to make a moment memorable.'To share our story as part of the flow of life moving through – whether in its sorrow or sweetness or the thousand strange shades between.'A time to pause and be with self, other, the wider web of the world that surrounds us.'

Tess Howell, Making Meaning in Times of Change

Location: Godalming
Available for: Funerals / Baby blessings and namings / Weddings / Other rites of passage / Worship services More info: www.thecreatingspace.co.uk
Email: edie@fastmail.fm
Phone: 01483 424023
Year of ordination: 2014