Dawn E Russell

I became co-director of Eagle’s Wing Centre of Contemporary Shamanism, and co-founder of both Celebrating Woman, and Medicine Woman, Medicine Ways. Over the last 20 years I have been offering one-year courses and short courses in healing, earth connection and practitioner training. I have also developed a one-to-one practice offering many lenses to help people know, love, heal and accept themselves, and in turn to know themselves as part of the Divine, Great Mystery of life. I was ordained with OneSpirit in 2018.

Individual Sessions
I have worked in many areas of healing over the years (since 1982): In mental health, therapeutic communities, psychotherapy (including body work) & psycho drama. I have worked with sound healing, meditation, art therapy and homeopathy. I have been involved in Earth based/Eco therapy work since 1989 and have worked with many aspects of healing practice from many different teachings. Today I bring these experiences and learning’s together in an eclectic approach to a healing practice.

My experiences have taught me that no one way is ‘it’, that each of us is different and have individual needs. I have learnt that the different aspects of us: body, mind, emotion and life force/spirit, needs expression and respect, in order to be healthy and ‘in life’. I have also learnt that each one of us has a tremendous life force/power, which is always there (even in the time that we feel powerless), but is just used in different (sometimes unhealthy) ways.

We find our health, not just in healing our hearts, bodies and minds, but in finding/remembering that we are a part of the whole. A part of nature, life, spirit and not an isolated ego/character. My intent is to help facilitate and hold a space for you where you can experience the healing energy within you. A space where you can hear the voice of compassion within you and around you, in nature. A space where you can connect with your wellbeing and your desire to live, fully alive and fully awake.

SERVING: Southeast England, Greater London, Southern England
AVAILABLE FOR: Ceremony / Ritual, Counselling / Accompaniment, Coaching, Supervision
MORE INFO: www.medicinewomanmedicineways.co.uk
ROSIM member since: 2019


“Feeling a lot more full of myself, grounded, connected, supported and capable. Huge deep gratitude again for the work and space you create. You have enabled me to change and actually be alive again. The effects of this for my children, my life, are immeasurable. The world is by far a greater place to be in because of you and the work you do. Love Alison xxx”


“The weekends with Dawn and Lorraine have been life affirming and transformative for me. They have allowed and taken me to places within myself previously unsung and neglected. The essence of me has emerged strong, rooted and proud to be a woman. Sue xx”


“Dearest Dawn and Lorraine You have both enabled me to become more of who I truly am, a medicine woman and healer. Your holding presence, deep knowingness and witnessing my healing from once held injuries is enabling me to become confident and empowered. The Journey of Innocence has been an essential part of that. All of your courses from the Enchantress to Soul Retrieval have had a profound effect on my growth. My instinct was right about putting my trust in your wisdom and healing and I am really particular about who I am willing to explore with! Have loved also connecting with other beautiful women and now have many dearly respected Sisters. Looking forward to future explorations with you both. Heartfelt love and blessings. C.”


“This was deeply healing, meaningful and transformational work held in a beautiful space of loving gentleness. Teresa”

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