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Although we don’t often perform ceremonies, we have recently conducted two quite large funerals. As with all our work, we spent time with the families hearing their stories and helping them to work out what they wanted. We then produced a draft to discuss. Our aim is always to honour everyone’s beliefs and to hold a safe and spiritual space. We have also conducted baby blessings, weddings, house blessings and solstice celebrations. (Click here for further information http://wisborough.com/Spiritual-Development.aspx )

Courses We are currently involved in a project delivering “Conscious Caring - A Compassionate Approach” for a school of nursing in Ireland. We are interested in integrating spirituality into healthcare, looking at compassion, peacefulness, values, co-operation etc. We have done several projects in this area including facilitating a retreat in India for medical professionals.Much of our work is in leadership development. Our next programme is an open course, “Conscious Leadership” which is divided into three modules. On the 10th & 11th September, “Making and Maintaining Positive Relationships”, on the 24th & 25th September, “Using Your Emotions to Create Success”, and on 8th & 9th October “Influencing with integrity”.Here are some comments from previous delegates:\"I came on the Programme because I wanted to treat people well and still get the job done. I found out what's been getting in my way. I learned how to get what I want and maintain my integrity. Now I want my Managers to come on the Programme\"“I can challenge decisions in a non-confrontational way by stepping back and seeing a different perspective first, and I’ve got the confidence and the skills to be able to do that now.”“I was struggling with frustration, and this has helped me to re-focus and be more constructive. I’m happier, less stressed out, and this has a positive effect on everyone around me.”(Click here for further information about our “Conscious Leadership Programme”http://wisborough.com/Conscious-Leadership-Programme.aspx )We also offer:Positive & Powerful Leadership Programmes The next programme is on 17th & 18th September & 6th October(http://wisborough.com/Positive-and-Powerful-Leadership-Programme.aspx) Coaching – Conscious Achievement Coaching Programmes, as well as unstructured coaching and mentoring (http://wisborough.com/Coaching.aspx)Team Development – using the values and beliefs of the team(http://wisborough.com/Team-Development.aspx)http://wisborough.com/Corporate-Development.aspx)Interpersonal Skills Training – Tailor made short courses http://wisborough.com/Corporate-Development.aspx)Personal Development Workshops, e.g. Integrating Love & Power (8th August), Living Life with Love, Soulful Success(http://wisborough.com/Personal-Development.aspx)Celebration Circles – support groups to celebrate the best in all of us(http://wisborough.com/Celebration-Circles.aspx)CounsellingWe have an ongoing client base of counselling, spiritual direction and companioning. We offer couples counselling as well as addiction, self-esteem, spiritual, and therapeutic work. (http://wisborough.com/Counselling-and-Life-Coaching.aspx)Background.We are partners of Wisborough Personal & Organisational Transformation. \"Wisborough\" means a dry safe place in a marsh, and that's what we try to create; a safe place for people to develop themselves, and enjoy life more: a place to discover and celebrate who they really are, a place to be accepted as themselves. We try to integrate spirituality into all aspects of our life and work.Our purpose is to celebrate the best in everyone, and to encourage people to be authentic at work and at home. We help people to increase their emotional and spiritual intelligence, use their values to deal with difficult situations with integrity, and create more effective relationships. We have twenty years experience in training, facilitating, coaching and counselling within organisations, and with individuals and couples. We work in the public, private and voluntary sectors.We are co-authors of “Wisboroughs - Make a New Start with a Fresh View on Life”. If you would like to find out more about us and the way we work visit http://wisborough.com/news.aspx

Location: Pulborough
Available for: Funerals / Baby blessings and namings / Weddings / Other rites of passage / Spiritual counselling / Spiritual support in times of crisis
More info: www.wisborough.com
Email: info@wisborough.com
Phone: 01798 872 266
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Year of ordination: 2000