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Catherine Wright

I was ordained in 2008. I offer Ceremony, Dance, Coaching, Supervision, Couples Counselling and Mediation. Movement Medicine is my spiritual practice. It is a conscious dance practice that enables me to connect deeply with the Great Mystery and with my own essential nature. Ceremony: I will work with you to create the ceremony that is just right. For baby blessings, marriages, funerals, or scattering of ashes, together we choose the words, the symbolism, the gestures. In the ceremony itself, we surrender to something beyond planning. We welcome grace and mystery. Dance: I teach Movement Medicine classes and also offer individual dance sessions. Coaching and Supervision: I offer coaching to a wide range of people. I am a supervisor for Mediators, OneSpirit ministers and Movement Medicine teachers and facilitators. Finally, I work in Conflict Resolution and Mediation, with couples, in neighbourhood disputes and in organisations. This work is deeply rewarding, Conflict causes anguish, at a personal and a collective level. When we resolve our own conflicts, we bring ease to our own lives, and peace to the world. It is such a privilege to work in this field.

Serving: Northern Scotland, Central & Southern Scotland
Available for: Ceremony / Ritual, Counselling / Accompaniment, Accredited OneSpirit Supervisor, Supervision, Coaching, Conflict Resolution and Dance as Spiritual Practice

Skype: catherinewright52
Year of ordination: 2008


“Energetically I feel the beauty of the space Catherine provides, the heart and warmth of her Goddess which creates and fills the room with the essence of the dance , being held and cradled if need be …a place of letting go and deep connection to creator and the joy of releasing in a sacred space…”


"Your warmth, spirit and beautiful face made the day so special. We found you almost by accident, but I firmly believe you were the only one who was right to marry us. Thank you for your insight, suggestions, kindness and love. We had an amazing wedding day – better than I had dreamt or hoped for. Our loved ones came, our children had fun, the sun shone warmly from a blue sky and the man I love was romantic and funny. What more could a girl wish for?!
 I feel blessed to have met you and to have you declare us to be husband and wife"
- Mel and Obi


"We’ve just got the photos back from the day at House for an Art Lover, and it brought back to us just how fantastic the day was. And you were a big part of that. 
I’ve spoken to so many people in the few weeks after the wedding who said that was the best ceremony that they had been involved with because of how personal you made it. At times it was really emotional and at times it was laugh out loud. You can see that from the photos.
 If you are interested we will forward you some photos for you to use if you’re looking to further promote yourself, which I would wholeheartedly suggest! You should do, so that more couples can have the experience we did."
- Triona and Ian