Rev. Brenda O’Grady

As a OneSpirit Interfaith Minster & Spiritual Counsellor in Ireland I offer ceremony and ritual to mark all of life's thresholds and ‘spiritual counselling' or 'spiritual accompaniment' in a safe and confidential environment. As a OneSpirit Interfaith Ordained Minister I am registered with the General Register Office (HSE) to legally perform weddings in Ireland. I undertook this pathway in response to the changing spiritual needs of our times and although I use the title 'Reverend' and have been ordained within the OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation, I am a very different kind of Minister from traditional Religious Ministers as I have the freedom to perform ceremonies / rituals for people of all faiths and/or none. I have no agenda, your ceremony can be as spiritual, secular or atheist as you choose and may use language, music and readings of your choice. I have taken a vow of inclusivity and welcome diversity of gender, orientation, colour, nationality, ability and culture within the bounds of Irish law and I have no requirement to speak about any parent organisation during your ceremony. I will create and perform your Ceremony at your Location on any day of the year at anytime.

SERVING: Leinster - Republic of Ireland, Connaught - Republic of Ireland, Munster - Republic of Ireland - As a visiting Minister I am happy to perform Ceremonies in Northern Ireland
AVAILABLE FOR: Ceremony / Ritual, Counselling / Accompaniment
MORE INFO: https://www.facebook.com/weddingandfamilycelebrant.ie/
ROSIM member since: 2019



Divorce Ceremony
Thank you so much Brenda we were delighted to be able to affirm our commitment to our family through this ceremony. The ceremony brought us to the start of our new journey. The children knew the divorce was coming up and wondered what would happen then and this ceremony put their minds at ease.
D&D xx Castletown Amenity Park 06/02/2019

Baby Blessing / Baby Naming Ceremony
Brenda, Wow that was awesome! What a welcome for Jessica! Robin and Nathan were so thrilled to have been part of the ceremony pouring the sand. Thank you so much for taking the time to create the perfect Ceremony for our family and friends. Look forward to seeing you next year for Robins Rite of Passage Ceremony when she passes into Secondary School. Much love.
John & Eileen Dublin 05/05/2019

Hi Brenda! We all made it home and had such a wonderful time in Ireland! The best part of our trip was Roundwood House and the wedding with you :) Thank you again, so much! You were wonderful and next time we come to Ireland hopefully we can all meet up!
Brian and Karleigh
Roundwood House 13/09/2018


Thank you very, very, very much for yesterday, the Ceremony was absolute perfection, you did an amazing job. We appreciate the huge effort and the amount of time you put into creating the perfect ceremony for us. This is the way to go, so our guests said. Thank you so much.
Mr & Mrs D Midlands Park Hotel 06/07/2018