Rev. Anne Webber

My faith is grounded in the core teachings of the many different spiritual paths. I draw upon the essence of all these teachings in my spiritual practice. I believe that there are many and diverse ways of living a spiritual life and honouring that part of yourself and that chosen spiritual practices are particular and meaningful for each individual, taking into account learning styles, energetic and sensory presence, and personal beliefs. I respect everyone’s right to follow their own inner guidance and find a way that works for them.

SERVING: Greater London, Southern England, Eastern England, Southeast England
AVAILABLE FOR: Ceremony / Ritual, Counselling / Accompaniment, Accredited OneSpirit Supervisor, Supervision, Coaching
Twitter: @RevWebber
ROSIM member since: 2005

I am an accredited Supervisor with the OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation. In addition to offering supervision services to ministers and trainee ministers, I offer supervision to coaches and mentors working with their clients in a spiritual context.

Spiritual Direction & Counselling
Within a safe and confidential space, spiritual direction invites an opportunity in which to connect more deeply with the spiritual aspect of your human experience. It is a space in which to reflect on your ongoing or unfolding spiritual growth and awakening. It involves deep listening and spiritual practices, such as meditation, guided imagery, silence, and prayer, within the framework of your own beliefs. This in turn enables you to access the clarity needed to resolve inner conflicts and lead a joyous, more meaningful life. As an Interfaith Minister, I will be your spiritual teacher and mentor in this process. My purpose is to help you to create a deeper connection within yourself and with that of God/Source/Spirit in whatever form that may take.

Healing Rituals & Ceremonies
I co-create heartfelt and beautiful personal ceremonies with you to honour and mark special life events. My specialism is life transitions and change and my ceremonies and blessings include: Rites of Passage; Health & Recovery Celebrations; Closure and Moving On; New Business and Home blessings; Other Healing Rituals.