Rev. Amanda Edwards

I have practiced acupuncture since 1992 and since my ordination as a One Spirit Minister in 2006, I have been combining Spiritual Counselling alongside the acupuncture. Together they create deep healing as I believe our mind, our beliefs and perceptions have an effect on our health. I do also work with them separately, with individuals. Using Spiritual counselling with couples is very effective in creating a harmony and understanding within their relationship. I love working with prayer, visualisation and ritual in my sessions where appropriate. I also support couples with fertility and pregnancy and have been to births as a doula, bringing an awareness of the spiritual aspect of this time. I am the author of the forthcoming book, Birthing Together, a spiritual and energetic preparation for birth. I am a Supervisor for the Seminary and for other health care therapists. Over the years I have been asked to do bespoke ceremonies for Baby Namings, Weddings and Funerals, which I am always happy to do. I am based in East Sussex and I am willing to travel. Spiritual counselling and supervision can be done via Skype or on the phone.

Serving: Southeast England, Greater London, Southern England
Available for: Ceremony / Ritual, Counselling / Accompaniment, Supervision, Coaching, Acupuncture, Birth preparation and Birth doula
More info: www.awakentoheal.com

Email: amanda@awakentoheal.com
Phone: 07703561616
Skype: awakentoheal
Year of ordination: 2006


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"Thank you for your wise words. I felt very supported by you and really felt the benefit of supervision with you."
- 2nd year Interfaith seminary student.

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" Amanda has a gentle, loving approach that makes you feel safe and held as you explore the work that is needed to reach a more peaceful and loving place. " Before you started adding Spiritual Counseling to your Acupuncture treatments, I felt there was something missing. I felt I wanted to talk, so having the SC together with the Acupuncture is great. The many strings you have to your bow, gives your healing a very holistic approach. Whether you treat using the Acupuncture or the SC you are very loving and sincere. I feel I can totally trust you as you provide a space which is both nurturing and safe. This allows me to express my deepest feelings and to get through to issues I wouldn’t have found myself. You have helped me find the answers, the key.
- A.Kelly

I feel such deep gratitude for the wonderful session with you yesterday. I was really able to experience how supportive spiritual counselling supervision can be for going on this journey of discovery - all on the path together ; you, me and my dear client.
- 2nd year seminary student.

" My supervision sessions with Amanda were invaluable. I feel there was something so magical about this whole process that I actually know how to do spiritual counselling now – well at least I have the confidence to feel I can start down this path at least! She was very heartfelt and open about how she let Spirit talk through her and judging by the effect on me she certainly did. Despite our sessions being on the phone I felt that my life had been changed. She truly did seem to see my value and wholeness and that affirmation reduced me to tears. I was inspired by what a precious thing we can potentially offer people……”
- 2nd year student ~ One Spirit Interfaith Seminary