Adele Napier

I grew up in Zimbabwe and South Africa, influenced by separation thinking or 'apartheid', it’s possible transformation, and the immense sense of interconnectedness of Africa's nature. I have followed a desire to discover and contribute to living from a sense of interconnectedness of all things since. My career began in business and brand building at Procter & Gamble in South Africa, and then in the UK and Switzerland. As I discovered the world, I saw the same 'separation thinking' being applied in many ways across societies, cultures, politics and businesses. Called to explore more life-giving possibilities, I was led to learn, practice and teach in leading edge spiritual, cultural and ecological education and experimentation. I served in the Findhorn for 14 years as development and faculty for residential holistic leadership programmes; as supervisor, mentor and facilitator for staff and teams; and on the leadership team to design and support an organisation wide change programme. Ordained through OneSpirit in 2006, I have served as mentor, faculty on the ordination programme, and am an accredited OneSpirit supervisor. And inspired by Incarnational Spirituality, I co-developed a partnership programme with Findhorn and the Lorian Association and served as Lorian board member for three years. It is my experience that tending to our inner life and accessing the unique intelligence within us, is a radically creative resource that has the power to transform any and every aspect of our life, work, and organisations. I now work as a freelance supervisor, coach, mentor counsellor, supporting teams, individuals, organisations to connect with this intelligence and purpose within, bringing into the world in connected and fulfilling ways. I live in Findhorn, work across many geographies online, and travel within the UK and sometimes further afield for projects where there is a good fit.

SERVING: Northern Scotland, Central & Southern Scotland, Northern Ireland, Leinster - Republic of Ireland, Connaught - Republic of Ireland, Munster - Republic of Ireland, Greater London, South Africa
AVAILABLE FOR: Ceremony / Ritual, Counselling / Accompaniment, Accredited OneSpirit Supervisor, Supervision, Coaching, Facilitation, teaching, consulting, speaking.
ROSIM member since: 2006